Press Application

Press  Application

Thank you for your interest in covering Fashion Week Las Vegas. Once your application has been processed our media director will review your credentials. You will then receive an email confirmation informing you whether or not we can accommodate your request. Due to the high volume of requests received, credentials  are limited to two(2) per outlet, some media outlets will only be allotted a single credential passes.
EVERY CREDENTIAL REQUIRES A PHOTO ID TO BE PRESENTED at the Venue atto receive your Press Pass.
This should be submitted WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR CREDENTIALS   we accept Driver’s License and Passports or Visa’s

Please note that submitting false documents will forfeit your application for our productions and any upcoming events produced or sponsored by FWLV Marketing.
Please be sure to include as much information as you possible about your affiliation within your application including internet and website links via your online press & Accreditation Account, please fill in all items we have in our online registration to avoid a delay.

Once you are in the system you will receive our  most current press releases and updates through out the months leading up to the actual season and you will not need to register again unless you have changed employer.

Recording the show: is approved by only the Media Director in advance, you must request this in writing in advance , please indicate if you are interested in filming  and he will contact you directly, . Still shooting is automatically approved, we ask you include the FWLV logo on bottom left corner for images published for all social media platforms you upload or distribute with, you will be presented the logo for FWLV prior to the event , be aware we  don’t allow any behind the scenes shooting. 
 Your photo credit will also be given to you  if your image is used for any publication or social media marketing that we do during the 12 month calendar year post and and pre- shows at a minimum but not limited to.

Once you are processed, you will receive confirmation you are approved and we will have your name or publication on our VIP Media List and you will be assigned seating and access for coverage and any special opportunities we can offer you will be pre planned and discussed with you ad your team prior to the event.
Special VIP Press Events will be held and you will be invited if you are one of our VIP Press Partners  -as well as we have limited VIP Access to some behind the scenes opportunities during Fashion Week, you will be contacted and provided all details of this event in 2017

Thank you

Fashion Week Las Vegas

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