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International Model Competition

International Model Competition



You must meet The Minimum Height Requirement for Female Models : 5.9
Male Models 5.11

International Runway Model Competition Registration Form  Deadline date to register by is May 1st, 2018

Female Model minimum 5.9 and Male Model 5.11 minimum
US Size 0-6 maximum please
Shoe Size
We offer special rates for models who are part of fashion week, we will provide you more information if interested
Please provide 3 images and let us know who the photographer was, please provide his or her name for each image you send us, we require a head shot, a full body shot, and full body swimwear shot please send to
Please provide the month and the year we will require a copy of a photo id / i.e. passport or driver's license wiil need to be sent in with your images for submission - must be minimum 18 yrs of age thank you
if you are not are you interested in working with agency from Las Vegas or Los Angeles