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Fina Catrina

Fina Catrina

Fina Catrina is a Mexican company offering hand-painted bags crafted by a group of Mexican artists. It was founded in mid-2012 with the idea of rescuing Mexican culture, thinking of women and adapting it into an accessory by fusing fashion and art. Our mission is to rescue Mexican art and transform it into an everyday accessory with quality standards that are competitive worldwide. Our vision is to position ourselves as a leading Mexican brand and bring Mexico to the world creating unique pieces.

About the designer… Andrea Yarto is a proud twenty-eight-year-old Mexican and creator of accessories constructed upon cultural trendings. Since she was young she was influenced by fashion in an environment full of fabrics, colors and apparel. She was born with imagination and a passion to do something unique and innovative by mixing and merging the imaginable with the unimaginable and representing in every design her ideas and elegance.

Born in México City in 1989, she completed her studies and specialized in fashion design and advertising. In a career project, she was given the task of doing something with textiles; this is when she developed her first bag which it consisted of making a loom and when she began knocking on doors in search of success. In the magical town of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato she found a source of inspiration in a group of young muralists with infinite creativity and great talent who woke up something inside of her and inspired her to create products with a fusion of craftsmanship and fashion with the idea of promoting México´s culture and art in an indispensable women’s accessory. After years of research and experiments with different materials she achieved the desired results. Using local resources, she stimulates the local economy which, for Andrea, is a very important achievement since creating job opportunities makes her feel satisfied. It all began in a hallway outside a borrowed location and since then, Fina Catrina has continued to grow and travel to expos and craft fairs around México where we got the opportunity of a second store in México City. We currently have the online sale of our products through Facebook, Instagram and our website; we handle all payment systems as well as national and international shipments. We´ve participated in different contests and accomplished the third place for artisanal creativity at state level in Guanajuato.  Fina Catrina, art as an expression of culture, folklore and design.  Shop Now